Jonna Kay - Internationally known
Jonna is an experienced,evidential,  psychic-medium, who is highly sought out through out  
the US Canada and other parts of the world. Jonna has been working with spirit energy and
people for decades to continue to hone and perfect what she does. She travels throughout
Wisconsin to do live events, home parties and radio shows and live events, such as" Dinner
With The Dead" or "Wine and Spirits". She has done these type of live  shows in Wisconsin,
Illinois and Florida
You can see her regularly in Madison, Janesville, Milwaukee, Rockford IL  and even some
locations in Florida and Kentucky.
Jonna regularly meets with clients at Tuvalu Coffee House in Verona Wi, East Troy WI,
Monroe WI and Janesville WI.
You can hear Jonna  on many radio stations locally and on the net, This includes B103 FM,
104.9 The X and 105.9 The Hog. She is a guest on numerous Blog Talk radio shows. Her
client list is large and diverse.
Law enforcement and city officials, celebrities, attorneys and physicians have counseled
with Jonna. She takes private appointments out of her home office or will do phone
readings for you via Skype. Virtual Skype parties are now available - this is a fantastic way
to do group readings and parties! Jonna uses psychometry, her guides and your energy.
Whatever spirit brings through to her attention is what she will share with you during that
reading. Jonna's spiritual journey started many years ago. In the last 10 years her senses
have become much stronger and she admits that her true passion is to be of service and to
help people in need. Jonna understands grief and loss on the deepest level due to her own
personal losses and trials. It is her hope to help people understand that those we have lost
on other side is so very close to us - still there guiding and helping us along on our journey

Quoting Jonna:
"I believe in signs from the other side, we need to open ourselves up to the
messages that continuously come to us!  So many
times we call it circumstance, or coincidence, is that true? I don't believe
so, I believe that once we open ourselves up to the knowledge that the other side gives to
us, we can lead fuller richer and more productive lives, knowing that our loved ones watch
over and communicate with us." This work gives me great joy, I cannot explain the feeling I
get, when someone from the other side comes through for a client! This continues to
fascinate even me! My only goal is to help people realize that their loved ones on the other
side are still so close!"
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Home office is conveniently located on the
Wisconsin/Illinois state line.
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